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VISTA will attend the International Bearing Industry Exhibition in Guangzhou China
Date:2007/11/19    Link:809
It is not easy to make profit from the bearing production since there are such a large variety of bearing products, and so many dealers and customers in the currenty market. Therefore, we are always thinking of how to improve our management but it is still difficult to find a good solution.
Winter is a season of brewing and thinking. It is a pleasure to meet  each other in the International Bearing Industry Exhibition in Guangzhou from December 4 to 7, on which we can exchange information and renovate our thought so as to outline and expand our business in the coming year. It is our pleasure to invite you to the exhibtion in your convenience so as to exchange the latest information.
The brand Vista will keep on its spirit of innvoation. With the peaceful mind, Vista will take all of its brilliance to this exhibtition and show its exceptional resource(performing as many as 210 bearing inspection items)with  a responsible attitude so as to support you as possbile as we can.
To support you, to make you success, that is Vista want to do.
Address: Guangzhou Interational Convention Exhibition Center NO.A25,D Hall, Guangzhou, China
Shake hands with Vista, shake hands with the fortune.
The website of the International Bearing Industry Exhibition in Guangzhou is
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