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Spherical Roller Bearings
Spherical Roller Bearings
  Product  Information
Spherical roller bearings have good self-aligning ability and can perform during the shaft deflection under load or the shaft misalignment in mounting. This type of bearings has heavy load carrying capacity and anti-impact ability. In addition to radial loads, they can also carry axial loads in two directions. Vista mainly offers 22xxx?23xxx?24xxx series?wide inner ring Series spherical roller bearings. The type with lubricating oil hole in the inner ring can also be supplied.

1. Designs and Types
    CTN1: Nylon retainer
    C: Stamped steel retainer and strengthened symmetric rollers; offers considerably higher load ratings than conventional designs for a broad range of applications and long service life.
    CA: Alternative design of C design; Precision-machined one-piece brass retainer and strengthened symmetric rollers; used to exchange with C design, especially for large size.
    MB: Two-piece precision-machined brass retainer and strengthened symmetric rollers; equivalent to C design in load capacity.
    EM: Third generation design. The bearing contact is completely optimized and has improved stress distribution; offer longer service life.

2. Variations of exterior shape of inner & outer ring
    K: tapered bore with taper of 1:12.
    N: locking groove on the outside ring.
    K30: tapered bore with taper of 1:30.
    W33:There are lubricating groove and three lubricating holes on the outside ring for fitting
together with the body structure so as to realize the bearing lubrication from outside

3. Clearance
    /C2: less than nominal clearance
    /C0: nominal clearance, omitted in designation
    /C3: larger clearance than C0
    /C4: larger clearance than C3
    /C5: larger clearance than C4

4. Working temperature
    /S0: Working temperature can reach 150C
    /S1: Working temperature can reach 200C
    /S2: Working temperature can reach 250C
    /S3: Working temperature can reach 300C